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VIDELLO - Controls

Adjust your video interactivity within the Controls section of VIDELLO editor.


Want to play your video right at page load? Simply turn on the Autoplay.

At the left panel of the editor click on Controls and click on the button to turn on the Autoplay

Note: Videos on mobile devices can't be autoplayed


You can download a certain amount of data before visitors plays your video. By enabling the Preload, it helps your viewers have an advanced supply of video frames at all times, which prevent disruption when they view your video. Preload allows a quick start, and prevents the video from being stopped during play.

To enable click on Control on the left panel, and click the button to the right of Preload. 

Note: Mobile device videos can't be preloaded


Show or Hide the volume control for viewers to adjust the volume of your video


Let viewers adjust the video quality by showing the Settings


Allow your viewers to play your video in full screen mode


Upload your own logo and show it in your video


With the Password Protection enabled only those who have the password can view your video

The password is case sensitive, make sure when sharing the password you share it with the right cases. You can also use Numbers and Special Characters.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. Steve Roquemore

    How can someone communicate with you? I am having an unbelievable amount of difficulty trying to figure how to use this software. The videos created for tutorials on how to setup and use this software. The videos do not match up with the dashboard  and how to setup my dashboard so I naturally can not figure out how to set up the system the way the tutorial describes because my screen does not match up to the tutorial I am watching. So why does support make it so difficult to communicate with you. I have sent several requests and had none answered. I want to learn how to use this software so badly but I need help.

    Steve Roquemore - my email; Please communicate with me, I need help. Thanks.