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VIDELLO - YouZign Integration

Do you have a YouZign account?

You can now add your YouZign designs to your videos.

1. Login to your Youzign account and click on  your profile ID (your name) on top right corner then click on "Profile".

2. Your API keys are located at the lower part of the page, take note only of the "Public and Token key".

3. Next; Login to your VIDELLO account then click Settings > Integrations

4. Scroll down, and under YouZign enter the Token Key and Public Key, and click "Connect"

When successful, it will show as Connected to the left of the button

Adding YouZign Designs to Your Video

After you have successfully integrated VIDELLO and YouZign you can easily add your  YouZign designs.

In the editor click "APPS" on the lefthand panel and select, "YouZign"

On the left panel click on "Change Picture"

Wait for your designs to load, and simply click on the design you want to use

Choose files or drag and drop files
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