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VIDELLO - Klick Tipp Integration

This tutorial will show you how to integrate VIDELLO with Klick Tipp.

1. Log in to your Klick Tipp account

2. Click on "Listbuilding" and then "NEUES Linkbuilding"

Choose "API Key" anlegen and name it e.g. >> Vidello-Klick-Tipp

Choose your desired double-optin-process set a new (or an existing) TAG
click SPEICHERN (save) copy the API...

3. On the right hand click on "Bearbeiten"

4. Copy your API here

5. In your VIDELLO dashboard click "Settings" and click "Integrations"

6. Select Klick Tipp > Enter your account name, Klick Tipp Username and Password, API

7. Click "Connect" to complete the integration

*Please note that Klick Tipp does not provide the to check if the API is correct. So be sure the one you enter is valid 

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