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CREATE - How To Save/Export/Import Projects

Use the Export Project option to create a zip file, save a copy of your project files for you to work on later, or send the project to your colleagues for collaboration.


Click on the Project Settings

Scroll down and click Export Template.

Enter a name for your project file and make sure to include ".zip" without the quotes and click Save

To Import an existing project, click Import on the Create main screen

Locate and select your project file and click Open.

The project will then be listed on the right side, click on it to edit the project

If you need to import Templates from Templates Club, please refer to this article.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. Marcos Paulino

    I am having the same problem as Miguel.

  2. Miguel Gómez Sanabria

    I cannot find the export option below Project Name.  There is nothing there.

    I need to make various versions using the same footage , and without this option I can’t duplicate the original project. Can you help?