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CREATE - Video Footage

CREATE allows you to import from a selection of stock video footages.  The videos are released under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). This means that you can use or modify the clips.

To import the video footages:

Click the import icon at the top pane.  You'll be taken directly to the Video Footage tab

To watch a preview of the footage just hover your mouse cursor over the video and click Preview.

Click Import to copy the footage to your media library.

Click 'back to editor' to go back to CREATE editor and canvas.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. g dlcm

    I can not acces to footage and images somthing hapened after the update. I will be wating for your response. Thank you

  2. Nikki Tester

    i cannot access templates either nor the training videos

  3. Luciano Miozzo

    Can not find my 15 templates too. Please, can you help me? Thanks in advance ;)

  4. Tyler Jefferies

    Do you happen to know how to get the templates?  Can not find the 15 templates?

  5. Tyler Jefferies

    Great!  Still will not allow me to import.