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CREATE - Importing Media (video)

Import media files like videos, images, audio clips that you can use with your Create project.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. Lance A. Brisee

    I would mirror Joni Vogel's comment, I have exactly the same issues. In my experience it works about a third of the time. Other times (but not always) I found the media loaded by reopening Create the following day. It is more than a little frustrating.

  2. Chris Coyne

    Why Can't I import videos into my new video editing software?

  3. Chris Coyne

    Same problem as Joni. Did she ever get a response?

  4. Joni Vogel

    This is not working for me... I can only import a photo, but videos do not load or appear anywhere. After I try to import it, it says, converting media and then nothing happens. Please help! I am very frustrated!!!

  5. Alexis

    Which file types can we import?