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CREATE - Publishing/exporting Your Videos (video)

Check here about hot to publish your video!

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  1. Mira

  2. Posted


  1. Gary Hite

    i cant publish. it just says unfortunately there was an error during the export process. Now What do i do?

  2. Brandy

    I am tired of not being able to publish. It takes so long and I need to get this project done. Please fix!

  3. Michael Watson

    Hi, I am also having problems publishing, is there a problem Vidello?

  4. YMK The Creative

    I am also having issues publishing video. I cant minimize the window or do anything in the app while it is supposedly rendering. The cursor is just spinning. a 12 min video, hoping i dont lose all my hardwork. Also other issues is glitching in the app for playback and some other issues. where can we express these concerns?

  5. Kelly Jones

    I'm also having issues with export. Was there any answer given for this?

  6. Deborah Bice

    The Publish function is not rendering my video. The circle just keeps spinning, even after over 14 hours.  The video is 36 mins long; the 3 tracks are an mp4 file that is all audio (which I had imported), one still image, and one text box. I starting Publish at about 8:30 last night and it wasn't done at 11:30 this morning. I abandoned that and started again; still nothing but a spinning circle.  Most of the videos I create will be under 15 mins, but I will occasionally need to work with longer videos like this.  Is Vidello Create not going to work for this?  Just bought it yesterday.

  7. Lisa Sanesanong

    Hi, I am having issues publishing or exporting? Is there a bug in the app?