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CREATE - Recording Your Screen (video)

Check here about how to work with screen recording...

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  1. Mira

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  1. Benny Bologna

    I'm having the same issue.  My webcam shows up on the live preview, but the library item for the webcam after recording stops is an empty webcam video.  Webcam works in every other application.  Please help.  I purchased Create just for this purpose.  If no resolution, I will be asking for a refund.

  2. Osie Brown

    When I try to record my screen on my Mac OSX 10.11.6 it does not record anything and there is no media to add to the timeline. Stopping the recording does not show anything in the Library window as it does in this video -- help?

  3. Jay Richards

    I was about ask the same question, how does one do that?

  4. Mieke Haveman

    Good morning, is it possbile to record your screen and then have a little window in a corner that shows me talking?