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CREATE - How can I add watermark to my video?

Watermarking your videos is a great way to protect them from unauthorized use. 

You have the option to add text or your logo, run it all throughout the video or just at certain parts.

1. In the timeline view of your Create app, simply import your logo like a regular video component.

2. Once it's in the media bin, drag it to the topmost  track.

3.  Drag it along the track and  place it where you want it to appear in your video. Position it on the canvas as you like, and adjust the opacity to your preference.

4. You can use a .jpeg file which gives a "white strip"  watermark. Or if you want just your logo to appear, you need a transparent (.png) file.  

See photos below for comparison between using .jpeg and .png files:

Using .jpeg:

Using .png:

You have all the freedom to place your logo anywhere on your video. 

Here's a perfect example:

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